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PTK Oriental Rug CenterPTK Oriental Rug Center specializes in all kinds of repairs for all carpets. Stop in one of our three store locations in Millburn, NJ, Bryn Mawr and Philadelphi, PA.

  • Binding:

    Binding sides of old or newly damaged rugs (edges opening up)
    Overcasting new fringe on old or newly damaged rugs. (Fringe coming off or extensive tearing)

  • Reweaving:

    On site experts specializing in conditioning of antiques to the best original condition.

    Reweaving tears and holes from animal or traffic damage.

  • Color Repair:

    Dyed from the root or foundation
    Applied to wool, rewoven into the rug

  • Touch Ups:

    Dye touch ups applied with special ink.

  • Cleaning:

    Cleaning all types of rugs specializing in Old and Antique Rugs which require special attention.